Time just seems to be slipping away for me and I cannot believed Christmas in legit a week away! So crazy!!! But to end this countdown to Christmas giveaway I thought we would dhow some love on my blog because I haven’t posted in a minute. This will be the last holiday giveaway of this year so I wanted to end it with a bang and really put things in that I have been loving and I hope you guys like it (:

Now the fun part lets break down these prizes!!!


I’ve been planning on throwing these in probably when I first saw them come out and knew I needed these in my giveaway. These mini palettes are so pigmented and just so travel friendly you can’t go wrong with them. I bought all 4 for you guys but I personally own the Smokey and Mauve Obsessions and most say those two have been my go to for just everyday looks. I love love love how they perform!


I can’t say enough good these about these! The shades are perfect for not only holiday but a girl can never have enough nudes and red. I also did a full review of both sets and the winter hues if you’re interested in lip swatches and seeing how well they perform(:


Note: The red pigment got a little busted up in shipment, ITS NOT USE I promise!

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle and shimmer for the holidays. And c’mon with copper,red, and gold you can create super festive looks. So I knew I had to order two of each when I saw them love how they perform and it give great pigmentation (even without wetting your brush!). I like using my fingers the best when it comes to applying these on the eyes


Okay can we just start with how Colourpop has been killing my wallet with their launches and sales It’s crazy to me this brands just been on a roll. I love these luster dust loose highlighters because they are soooo pigmented its ridiculous. In addition to the quality, the price is super affordable and they really out did themselves ( it’s only $7 for a bigger container then the kylie one ares which are $14) Thought I would included these because I wanted more colors for the sparkle and shimmer just in case the Tarte chrome pots were too dark for some of you guys(:

Note: the physical boxes of my package was torn up , but the items were perfect and seals and everything still intact.


This was a steal when I saw it and had to get one for you guys. It has 12 beauty sponges and you can use one every month for a whole year so that’s awesome!


This was kind of a last minute thought, but when I saw this on the on Sephoras Weekly Wows the price couldn’t be beat so I decided to get on for you guys (and one for myself haha) because I like the Bobbi Brown highlighter. Though, they’re a drier formula and is more natural to build-able than a blinding highlight I think it would compliment sparkly eyes more without over taking a look.


To round out this final giveaway for the year I decided to throw in the Kylie Holiday Makeup Bag too fit all your goodies and for you guys to have a good durable bag to travel into 2018! It is quite as good size bag ( to give you guys an idea I fit everything in this giveaway except the real techniques 12 pack sponge set and a chrome pot)

Yayyy now alll the prizes is announced, It’s now time to get down to the rules and guideline

WINNER; Bella O!!!!! Congrats on winning please answer your email as soon as you can to get your prizes shipped ((:

1. Be SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel

2. FOLLOW me on Instagram

3. COMMENT on this blog what you guys would like to see from me in 2018 on my youtube channel OR what’s you’re holy grail product you can’t live without

4. FOLLOW my blog (


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-Follow me on Twitter

Guildlines: 1. If under 18 years old please get parental approval 2. ITS INTERNATIONAL 3.DO NOT get scammed ( do not give out credit card numbers or social security 4. Positive community negative comments are not welcomed lol 5. Must complete all the mandatory requires to be officially enter ( I will be checking!!)






  1. My holy Grail product is probably too faced melted matte lipsticks. I would love to win this giveaway because I really enjoy makeup and I watch tons of tutorials everyday to get better. It would help me to have better makeup to work with. I applied to multiple beauty stores for jobs and I keep getting nothing. After college I aspire to be a makeup artist!


  2. My holy grail products are:
    Jeffree Star highlighters: king tut, uranus
    Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in black and
    Milani Liquid lipsticks are amazing and smell pretty


  3. I would love to see you do more videos on how you create your makeup looks! Also a video just dedicated to your favorite products of the year and how you bring them all together in a look as well. I love watching your channel, you’re doing an amazing job girl! 💕


  4. Ok all finished!! I did all the steps!! Ty for the chance to win!! I’d def feature ALL this in my favorite winter things mini series on all my social medias if I won!! I would love to see challenges, lookbooks, trendy or unusual makeup products, etc…Fingers crossed & good luck everyone!! Happy Holidays!! 💖💎👑💋🎅🎄🎁💄


  5. I would like to see more of the new upcoming products of 2018 reviews of them swatches stuff like that also definitely would love to see a new years holiday look and lastly I wish you nothing but the best in 2018 have a great year love 😊😍😙🙏


  6. I would love to see full face makeup tutorials and vlogs. Also, I recently began seeing videos of persons doing a full face of makeup using one palette so that will be interesting to see from you. I do not have make up products that I cannot live without yet because I only recently got obsessed with make up products feom watching so many your youtube videos. Thats why I would like to win so that I can start off my collection and begin trying out products.


    1. I would love to see full face makeup tutorials and vlogs. Also, I recently began seeing videos of persons doing a full face of makeup using one palette so that will be interesting to see from you. I do not have make up products that I cannot live without yet because I only recently got obsessed with make up products feom watching so many your youtube videos. Thats why I would like to win so that I can start off my collection and begin trying out products.
      Youtube: Allia Richards
      Ig: a_r0200


  7. My Holy grail product has to be morphe eyeshadow pallets , can always rely on them for stunning eye looks , also love using Kylie cosmetic liquid lipsticks for special events , would love to see some festive kylie cosmetics tutorials – always love seeing your product reviews , can’t wait for 2018 reviews and giveaways – happy holidays xxx


  8. Hi babes🤩ur literally so pretty and although I haven’t been following you or your blog for that long I find it amazinnggg!!! (Also I’ve entered in the giveaway and you said it would be great if we commented so I thought it would be a great time to share my thoughts of this!!)
    Lots of love a fan x


  9. Would love to see a colab❤️❤️❤️ or a swap with someone, my fave all time products are Maybelline foundation, and tarte shape tape and lip gloss any old lip gloss ❤️ thanks girl


  10. My holy grail product is benefit porefessional primer and tarte shape tape concealer! Love them 💖 •• Instagram: S.omekindofwonderful / twitter: _katvee


  11. I would love to see a full beauty routine: skincare and makeup look!… I would also love to see videos about what you are planning to buy or to try next year, favorites products of the month and more drugstore related ones!! My holy grails: Too Faced Lippies and Eyeshadow palettes! This was my first time trying them! Thank you’re so much for doing this…
    Twitter @leblanc_aza
    IG leblanc.aza


  12. My holy grail makeup products are Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, Kat Von D Tattoo liner, Naked 2 Palette and NYX Liquid Lipsticks!


  13. Though I love seeing your makeup reviews and hauls, I’d also love to see more videos of your daily life by doing daily makeup routine or vlogs or challenges/tags. You have such a fun personality, that’s why my favorite videos of yours are your story time and your tags because it’s nice to get to know you more and have a glimpse in to your life.
    ig: april_enairam
    twitter: lizasoberayes
    YT: Mari Ane


  14. Omggg such a good giveaway!!! What I look forward to seeing is more makeup tutorials and skincare videos. I loveee your personality so more that shows how fun spirited you are like tags and vlogs would also be cool. Anything you put out I would be excited to watch though and thanks again for this opportunity! Good luck everyone! Showing love from Toronto!!


  15. Subscribed on YouTube: queenmackaveli
    Followed on IG: queenmackaveli
    I would like to see more hauls and unboxings!
    My holy grail product is matte lipsticks! I can’t go anywhere without a pretty brown or nude lippe.
    Followed on Twitter: queenmackaveli
    Liked on Facebook: Em McDown


  16. Next year I’d like to see you smile a lot and not just because you have to. I hope that you have such a great happening in tour life that you just dont stop smiling even when your not smiling it still lights up through your eyes and face that you are smiling inside. I would also like to see some tips about how to keep our hair strong and healthy. The one product that I dont go without is Olay moisturizer w/spf, and I use it up to three times a day. Only twice if I am wearing makeup and even then I sometimes rub it on the dry spots around my nose. I really would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for all the tips and reviews and I look forward to 2018 with you.💚 @OneLove_513


  17. I love your reviews so I’d love to see them more on 2018 and I think you do great makeup, your eye makeup always looks bomb 😍 so I’d love to see tutorials on your channel too in 2018 and of course giveaways 😀 because your giveaways are always too good to be true lol ❤️ THANKS. I’m already subscribed to your blog. and already follow you everywhere. YT: NIZIA JAMEE, IG: NIZIA_JAMEE, TWITTER: NIZ_1094 , FACEBOOK : NIZIA JAMEE


  18. so many products but one im using since a long time it catrice camuflage liquid concealer, great for the quality and price (and using daily is not a problem anymore)


  19. My top holy grail item is currently the Yes Please palette by Colourpop. I feel in love with the palette as soon as I received it. The colors and the pigment are just absolutely stunning. For 2018, I would to see more routine, makeup tutorial, and reviews. Have a wonderful holiday season! 😊
    YouTube – Ellz Bear
    Instagram – ellzbear
    Facebook – Ellz Ella
    Twitter – ellzbear


  20. Holy grail is Jaclyn Hill palette!!! I didn’t know my life was so incomplete without it. Merry Christmas, Kim. I will miss seeing your big smile at the store ❤ I’m sorry someone was a Grinch to you


  21. MY holy grail products are the faux filter foundation by huda beauty and the lip strobes also by huda they make the lips look juicy ajajajjaja 🤩


  22. My holy grail has to be my liquid eyeliner. I can’t go anywhere without having a wing! Lol I also would like to see more makeup tutorials in 2018! I love your videos and looking forward to seeing more of them! I followed you on instagram & Twitter. Also liked your Facebook page. My instagram and Twitter name is mariasolisponce & my Facebook page is Maria Solis-Ponce.


  23. Hello beautiful ♡ this is MrssGrace3 you are such a sweetheart ♡ thank you for sharing such an amazing giveaway. My holy grail products are my Too faced HangoverRX face primer and my Tarte maracuja oil since I have dry skin these are the only two products I can use all year long to keep my skin feeling so moisturized and hydrated


  24. Hi! Happy holidays!
    I hope we could see some challenges on your YT channel. Like 5 minute makeup challenge or full makeup with a very tight budget. You can invite a friend too and do some challenges together.
    I am a follower on IG @jeylo_eighteen
    FB Jey San Nicolas
    Twitter @jeyloo18
    YT @Jey-El O.


  25. I would like to see a blog post or a video of trends you want to continue in 2018 and trends you want to disappear in 2018.
    My holy grail product is the pixi concentrate because i have panda eyes.
    IG and Twitter: @couchpotato_md
    FB: Sky Santos


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