Makeup Launches Fall 2017 I’m excited for ….and some not so much

I cannot believe how close to another year we are quickly approaching. MANY launches I’m stock about and some not so much. So before we get to the ones that will make my bank account cry here are some launches I will not be purchasing

Kylie Cosmetics Fall Velvets


These babies launched a couple days ago and although I was very tempted because her velvets are one of my fav formulation of liquid lipsticks out there. I had to just sit and really think about the color selection and nothing really wowed me — pretty nonetheless, but nothing special.  So that was sadly a pass.

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection


Another pretty collection. I even played with it n stores and pigmentation was incredible. But ultimately I decided to pass because nothing really spoke to my taste and nothing I would use daily. However the other Fenty products that launch are great and worth checking out, but this collection fell a little short for me. So its a  pass.

TooFaced White Chocolate Bar Palette


Is it just me or is the whole chocolate bar line kinda just overdone to me. Don’t get me wrong what girl doesn’t love makeup and chocolate seems like the perfect mix. I just feel like the chocolate bar line has been so over used and just isn’t appealing anymore. Plus, the colors in this particular palette is not very suitable to my skin tone and just lack luster. So its a no-go.

Morphe Holiday 2017


Morphe has been underwhelming me for awhile now and (no shade) for some reason quality has been an issue for me the past few months. On top of that every time Morphe partners with an influenster they always jack up the prices. Now the Dare to Create palette is nice that feature warms, cools, and face powders; it still just lack luster and appeal. Nothing about the Palette coming out this holiday by Morphe seems to feature any unique shades that make me want to spend money on it. Also, the brush are pretty, but with the inconsistency they’ve had with their brushes it will also have to me a pass.

Gigi Hadid x Maybelline Collection


To start, the packaging was super cute! A girl can’t get enough of the nude. But, when I went further to explore that all the collection had I was extremely disappointed. This basically was very thing Maybelline already had just repackaged, slapped Gigi’s name on it, and rose the prices 20-35%. It was just all and all a disappointment that it wasn’t anything new so for that reason I am out! (I’m a Sharktank nerd lol)

Jeffree Star Family Collection


Completing the list of things I will not be purchasing is the JS Family Collection. I loved the concept of doing a collab with his partner and their fur babies. However, just felt short of any spark for me a lot of the colors I owe and the lip scrubs weren’t favors I personal like and the highlighter remind me too much of last years Princess cut. So this is a no-go

Final Thoughts:

That sums up (for now) the list of Fall and holiday Launches I won’t be purchasing. I hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to follow me on all my social media (modrngoddess) and on here for future blogs!

P.S. Tell me what some of the things you guys wont be buying in the comments I would love to hear!

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