What’s Stopping You?

Me. Myself. and I. That’s what comes to mind when people ask “whats is stopping you?” I have always struggled with weight gain and not having any control when it comes to delicious food. I can practically eat anything deep fried. But I noticed my bad mood swings were related to how I felt after I ate those heavenly devilish foods. I always felt my appearance needed work but it was so much more than that as I grew up. I wanted to feel good from the inside out. One day I just went all in saved some money bought a camera and said to myself today’s the day to stay Youtube.  I started a beauty channel on Youtube to inspire everyone to be there own kind of beauty whatever that may be.  I still stand by that but lately my mind has taken the best of me. I feel numb, drained, and quite frankly half dead. Nothing new I always struggled with dealing with my emotions. I put up a strong front most of the time, but when I’m down I might as well be six feet under. But then I always remember what’s stopping me. What’s stopping me from doing what I want? Whats stopping me from being about? I make too many excuses like work or dealing with paying off loans. Yes those things can be stressful but it all starts with me. Something just clicked one day and I knew I needed to get my life back on track mentally and physically.

Tips to Bounce Back:

  • Get too the root of what’s really bothering you  (mine is superficial its really weight I never weight as much I do currently)
  • Find out what you can do think big but start small (for me I knew I had to diet and excerise– I tried pills and such and yes they work but it always through off my moods so I knew I just had to it the old fashion way)
  • Don’t Overwhelmed yourself thing takes time (don’t try to tackle to many things just go slow remember the turtle always wins the race)  What I started with is cutting Soda and Fast food
  • Take time for yourself (Even if its only 30 minutes a day to enjoy a good book or get a mini yoga sesson in just do it) I take an hour stroll/ walk every other day to really ease my mind and just enjoy some me time.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

I am kinda scattered brain while writing this blog because honestly I just have my mind running a mile and minute. But I wanted everyone to know that its okay to be lost or feel unmotivated from time to time. It’s what you do that  matters. Even if its just something small it can make a huge impact. I just started my journey of recovery from my own insanity so I will defiantly keep you updated as it progresses. But everyone can make a change in themselves and be the beautiful YOU wish to be.

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