The Awkward Age of 20

Well to all my 97s babies as the year is quickly flying by we all have or is turning that magical awkward number–20. Yup, we are all young adults (well kind of) Life of a 20 year old in the modern age we are in is so confusing. Probably thinking nothing to crazy just learning the new world of adulting. But millennials have a much more complex way of life. Being 20 now means the world of social media is there as our comfort but sometimes as are vice.. It means you can stumble upon any path unexpectedly. Take me– a 20 year old YouTuber and makeup artist, no college degree just a cosmetology license under my belt. Just working 3 jobs trying to hustle and affordable the life I want with no social life. While others I know is living the classic college party life, Drinks. Sex. Party. and racking up the student loans but having a great social life. But others are new mom (yes seems people are having babies all around me at my age now) they have to learn how to take care of another human being which is the scariest thing. But whatever path we are on its funny how everyone categorizes us as just the small Social Media obsessed, student loan filled 20 year old. Knowing little to nothing about each of our individual stories. Even having friends at age 20 can be awkward. Having high school friends still can make you look sad/pathetic, or creepy (depending on the situation), having older friends means you can’t go to certain clubs or events with them so you feel left out. Nothing exciting really comes when you’re 20. One thing that’s true it means being too young to actually be fully successful and wise, but too old to be making childish mistakes so you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place…at least for a year.

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